Alternatives to punishment should be found.

By | April 28, 2016

punishment alternatives

Schools, colleges and universities are considered lighthouses and teachers the light givers to the society. It is distressing and sometimes dangerous when these two fail to illuminate. scale of punishment in different schools and madrassahs has risen to a degree to be concerned about. The Ministry of Education has taken a very timely decision by banning every sort of punishment in schools and colleges.

Whatever the form of punishment is, it does not bring any good to the students. It never helps learning, rather does the quite opposite. Learning lasts longer when it is done in a delightful environment without any fear and when learners try to perform much higher than their capacity in a friendly environment. If students are convinced, they will hopefully be motivated to do what teachers want them to do. Thus they will learn reasoning and learn to solve a problem intellectually.

Unless we handle the students with love, care and humanity, only a culture of hatred, vengeance and cruelty will be exercised which is not desired at all. All assertive teachers with pleasant personality use their intellect to solve a problem; they never resort to punishment. Now it is time for teachers to be authoritative instead of being authoritarian.

On the other hand, students have their own learning strategies. Actually, students themselves learn on the basis of their own receiving capacity and strategy. Teachers can only try to help learn. Teachers need to understand that students learn themselves and everybody’s learning strategies are different. There are many examples that students have left schools or parents have stopped sending their children to school because of the cruelty of teachers. So, we have to make a friendly environment in schools and colleges where mistakes are accepted to educate our children properly.

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