Four tricks of catching falsehood

By | April 28, 2016

Many people tell lies around us. Telling lies has become a habit. We are tired hearing lies every now and then. But the man who tells lie don’t care about that it is a great sin. But how the conscious man can understand the falsehood? Have any ideas or tricks to understand the speeches are lied. Yeah! Exactly it has. Then make some ideas to catch the liars in front of you.


1. First of all have an attention to the liar’s voice. If the voice is trembling while speaking, then you can make sure that he/she is telling lies.

2. From the body language of a man you can understand that the speaker is telling lies. Generally the head stirs for many times when the man is lied.

3. For catching the falsehood you have to attend to speaker’s eyes. Eyes have ability to catch lies. While telling lies the person cannot look eyes to eyes.

4. If the person take a long breath and much time to respond your question, then you can make sure that the person is telling lies. Because truth comes always instinctively.

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