Retain your youth whole life

By | April 28, 2016

In beauty Japanese women are always outstanding. Especially for their sparkle hair and good skin. In Japan there are lots of actresses whose age is much but young to see. This youth of Japanese women throughout the world is a matter of mystery. But it is funny that the thing which contributes much behind this youth is boiled rice. Are you surprised? But it is true that the youth of Japanese women retain only a face pack of boiled rice. Let’s know about that magical face pack.



Elements: 3 tablespoons boiled rice,1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon hot milk.

Method: At first boil the rice. I mean cooking the rice. After that pick out the water from the rice or pick out starch. Mold the hot boiled rice or it will be hard. Then mix honey and slight hot milk with the molded rice and make a pack.

Using: First of all wash your face properly and then apply the pack in face and neck. When the pack is dried, clean the face and neck with the starch.

Use it for one time in a week.

How does it work? A good quantity of vitamin E is available in boiled rice which protect the skin from the harmful elements and retain your youth for a long time. It also protect from the sunburnt. It contains linoleic acid which increases the beauty of skin. It’s antioxidant element maintain the water and blood circulation.

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